Random Thoughts

A big misconception with training is that it’s easy to produce results pertaining to athletic performance. For instance, if you simply get an athlete into better physical shape, they will get a little more athletic. But the gains that they made were purely based off of getting better conditioned. A good example is if you help a 16 year old girl who plays basketball lose weight through exercising and dieting, certainly she will be a little more athletic BUT you didn’t actually enhance any sort of physical outputs. This is why you hear trainers say “I can improve your 40 from a 5.0 to a 4.8 or increase your vertical by 6″ in one month.” It’s actually quite difficult to improve power outputs like that on an athlete who has been training and has been to their peak level of performance. There’s a ton of marketing involved, and it’s all BS. Also, another sad truth about training for sports is I would say 80% of trainers actually build athletes body’s the wrong way. The emphasis on quad dominant movements and extensive lactic conditioning for alactic sports has become an epidemic and instead of Strength Coaches coaching they make training HARD. They can tell someone to sprint, but can they anaylze running form or even know anything about stride length/stride frequency/levers/angles? It’s not about hard, it’s about smart. Instead of “putting that work in, yo” it may make some sense to do movements that actually train you for the demands of your sport. Kids come in every day that have been “training” for years but can’t even do a push-up without winged out elbows and a terrible pelvic tilt. Training is checkers not chess, it’s more than stupid YouTube videos featuring NFL players who have no idea how to train either, it’s more than gadgets and “Altitude masks” that literally do nothing to enhance performance and it’s more than sweating a lot and puking. If a surgeon messes up, you know. If a cook messes up, you know. Training is not like that unfortunately and there are quite a bit of “chefs” who’s food sucks but you don’t even know. GP the best in the business

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