NFL Draft Prep Training

Why come to Western, PA to do NFL Draft Prep Training instead of going to Florida or California? WHY NOT? We’ve been recognized by some of the best agents in the country and have been a trusted training facility of agents/parents/players for the last 5 years!

BUT IT’S COLD IN PENNSYLVANIA: Yes it is. But if you do end up making it to the NFL it’s a guarantee that you will not only PLAY in the cold but you have a great chance to LIVE in a cold city too!

BUT THERE’S NOTHING TO DO IN PENNSYLVANIA: Are you going on a vacation for two months or are you looking to become the best player you can be in two months? The only things you need to worry about in Western, PA is training, eating, and recovering…PERIOD.


Our training is as good as or better than any facility in the country. Our protocols have proven over time that they prepare athletes to perform at their absolute best at the combine or your pro day.

We don’t take on 50 athletes a year. In 2018 we had 24 players in our draft prep group. Each training group throughout the day had NO MORE than 8 athletes in it at a time. Which means there were 8 athletes and 3 trainers. You won’t find a ratio like that anywhere else.

AFFORDABILITY – As an agent, the price of training can really hurt your chances of landing as many players as you’d like or it can affect the type of training that you get your players. At GP we offer the best of both worlds. Why pay upwards of 10k for a player to train when we offer the SAME THING at a price point that allows you to focus on what’s important.

Our program will run from January 1st – March 18th 2019.

Contact us today to schedule a call to discuss how GP can prepare you for the NFL.

Our NFL Draft Training Program Includes:

  • Initial Medical Evaluation/Functional Movement Screening/Pre Testing
  • Strength/Power Development
  • High Level Speed Training
  • Combine/Pro Day Specific Position Work
  • Nutritional/Supplementation Plans
  • Full Service Physical Therapy/Massage
  • Psychology/Interview Prep/Wonderlic Prep
  • Social Media Training
  • Promotion via GP Social Media and Connections with NFL Personnel


Position Coaches 2018:

  • Ross Ventrone – (Defensive Backs) – 6 year NFL Vet
  • Trevor Scott – (D Line + LBs) – 7 Year NFL Vet
  • Dorin Dickerson – (TEs + WRs) – 5 Year NFL Vet
  • Mike Adams – (OL) – 5 Year NFL Vet
  • Sonny Riccio – (QB) – Star QB at Delaware
  • Rushel Shell – (RBs) – Current Free Agent


Example Daily Schedule:

  • 700 – Breakfast/Supplement Timing
  • 800 – Speed Training followed by Position Work
  • 930—Post Training Shake/Regeneration
  • 1200—Lunch/Medical (if needed)
  • 200 – Strength Training
  • 330 – Post Training Shake/Regeneration/Massage
  • 600 – Dinner

“Terry does a great job working with the athletes in Western, PA and I would feel great about any of my clients working with him as I know they will get the best” – Troy Nunes (NFL Certified Financial Advisor for Carson Wentz, Mitch Trubisky, Aaron Donald)

“GP’s Draft Prep training is different than all the others. You get the work that everyone gets in Florida and California but actually feel at home around real laughter and REAL people” -Rushel Shell (Former West Virginia RB)

“Terry played an instrumental role in preparing me for my pro day. With his help, I was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Tennessee Titans. Couldn’t have asked for a more knowledgeable trainer or a more fun and motivating training environment.” – David Wright, Division 3 Football Player