The physical demands of playing impact sports are far greater than a young athlete going through a strength and conditioning program at a young age. You are actually doing your young athlete a disservice by not having them prepare their body physically to compete in sports at a high level.

Youth Athletic Development Program (Ages 6-12):

  • Proprioception Training (balance/coordination)
  • Neuromuscular activation (teaching your brain and your body to work systematically)
  • Fundamentals of speed, strength, and agility

Program Benefits:

  • Increase stability and mobility of joints
  • Fortify the ligaments, tendons and muscles
  • Increase coordination
  • Build mental toughness
  • Gets young athlete acclimated to the weight room
  • Promotes wellness at a young age
  • Trains young athletes in the ability to receive directions and carry out instruction.

Athletes will be instructed and motivated in a fun, competitive environment. The youth development stage is imperative to injury prevention and the overall performance in a young athlete’s career.

“My daughter is a junior and a pitcher for fast pitch. She had a goal this, year to hit 60mph and she needed 4-5 mph. Terry and his group of trainers made this possible in 4 months she accomplished her goal. Terry and his group of trainers are amazing. They take the time to get to know each athlete and what their needs and goals are and make it happen. I have 2 other children that go to GP. One is also a 10u pitcher her goal was to get to 50mph pitching, she hit 52. I also have a son who plays all sports and what he’s accomplished speed and agility is just amazing. THANK YOU TO TERRY AND HIS STAFF. – Bradene Frye